Antica dimora Bed and Breakfast, nel centro storico di Nardò - Lecce

The Residence

The B&B Antica Dimora is in Nardò, a city that has old roots; in according to the most famous legend when a bull, dinging with his hoof on ground, made gushing water, this resource allowed the first developments of the territory, this is why the ancient name was Nar (from the Illyrian language ‘Nar’ means water) and it was founded by ‘Messapi’.

Nardò is characterized by several artistic styles, in its historic center you can enjoy lots of monuments, churches, noble palaces, monasteries; its countryside is full of marvelous fortified Masserie (rural houses in which were developed all the activities of sheep farming and agricultural production), and ‘Eclectic Villas’ symbol of middle class families and noble Neritino society, built in 1800, different for shape, style and sumptuousness, situated in exotic context with gardens and thick vegetation.

The B&B Antica Dimora is an house which still keeps its history thanks to a clever restoration, so it’s possible to look up to the charm of old traditional house of Salento. Its irregular structure underlines its main features: the main entrance, porches, balcony, courtyard, bed rooms, have always something special that our guests will appreciate. Our B&B is in a quite area of the center, far away from the noise of daily life where you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

But if you are looking for parties, pub, discos, restaurants you are in the right place as well. Few kilometers from Lecce (beautiful center of Baroque art), Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo, in half hour you can go to S.Maria di Leuca or to Otranto.


Portale d'ingresso al B&B Antica Dimora Cortile interno del B&B Antica Dimora
Outside B&B Antica Dimora Porch B&B Antica Dimora
Main Entrance B&B Antica Dimora Balcony view of bell tower
View of courtyard B&B Antica Dimora